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Sailing Instruction at the Chapoquoit Yacht Club

Important Notes regarding Class Descriptions and Program Requirements

  • For the 2018 season, sailing instruction is available only to Members, their families and special guests. To inquire about membership, please click here.
  • For the 2018 season, CYC is making an important scheduling change to the sailing program. Sessions One (June 25 - 29) and Five (August 13-17) are ONE WEEK SESSIONS. Sessions Two, Three and Four (July 2-13, July 16-27 and July 30-August 10, respectively) are TWO WEEK SESSIONS. The final Friday of every session will be Race Day, with fun races for all classes occurring in the morning.
  • One-week Learn to Sail classes will be available every week of the season.
  • Staff members, including Junior Program Staff, are not responsible for children on the waterfront during non-class times. Please do not arrive more than 5-10 minutes ahead of your class time, and please remain on the beach until your child is under instruction.
  • Junior Program Staff members will teach sailors how to rig their boats. Parents are highly encouraged to learn as well!  Opti rigging seminars will be offered the first week and second week of the program. This will include an orientation to the Opti storage system(racks, tubes and "blade condo").
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS in the CYC Sailing Programs MUST PASS a swim check, to be administered by staff on the first day of the student's term. Swim requirements include:
    • demonstrated ability to swim approximately 25 yards while wearing a lifejacket;
    • demonstrated ability to put a PFD (life jacket) on and take it off, while treading water, without assistance.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS in the CYC Sailing Programs MUST HAVE, and must wear (at all times when on the docks and boats) a properly-fitting, Coast Guard approved PFD (life jacket) with a working whistle (to be used in emergency only!) attached.
  • Participants must also have closed-toe, non-skip footwear; a brimmed hat, and adequate sun protection (either long-sleeve clothing or sun block).
  • Staff members are not responsible for providing sun block. A towel and appropriate clothes, depending on weather are strongly recommended. Sailors should show up for class rain or shine. Staff members will plan activities regardless of weather.
  • Adults, whether accompanying young sailors or engaging in sailing activities themselves, are strongly encouraged to bring and use the same clothing and safety gear. Among other things, it sets a great example.
  • Parents and/or Legal Guardians will be required to complete a Release from Liability in order for their children to participate in sailing instruction. You must either accept the release provided during the online registration process or request a hard copy and sign that. Children for whom we do not have an approved Release may not participate in sailing instruction programs until the Release is completed. We also require a medical history form for each student; this will be emailed to you after you register and it must be completed and returned prior to the first day of instruction. Persons seeking private Adult instruction must also sign a Release prior to setting out on the water.

Meet the CYC Sailing Staff

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One-Week Learn to Sail Classes - New for 2018

This program is designed for families who only visit the West Falmouth area for one week in the summer, or who only wish to participate in one week of sailing classes during their visit. We’ll generally use Beetle Cats for these classes, though other boats in the CYC fleet may be used at the discretion of the Staff. Depending on age and prior experience, some students may be placed in groups in standard class sessions – Beetles, Optis and 420s. Click below to register.