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HomeNEW for 2020: BYOB(oat): Technical Singlehanded Sailing!

NEW for 2020: Technical Singlehanded Instruction!

Register for Technical Singlehanding by CLICKING HERE

Single-handed sessions are presented midweek afternoons (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. 420 and Single Handed Sailing training occur simultaneously; the coaching staff will work with both groups.

Every boat design is a compromise, but great sailors learn how to optimize each boat for maximum performance. HIgh-performance sailing is all about skills and understanding these concepts - not about the rig or hull.

Thanks to the generosity of CYC members, we'll be using the Sunfish for this class. The Sunfish is one of the most popular boat designs ever created. Fundamentally, it's a very simple boat - lateen rig, daggerboard, rudder and hull - and the hulls are all the same. Sound boring? This is the concept behind one-design sailing: competently sailing them all comes down to the starts and how well the skipper manages trim and tactics on the course.

That's a lesson that can serve you well in the future - whether you're fond of 420s, PHRF, Beetles... whatever boat you regularly sail, you'll learn a lot here.

Oh, by the way - Sunfish are fast, fun, and can put you in the water pretty darned fast if you're not paying attention. Dump yourself, and the odds are good you'll finish at the back of the fleet.

And by the way: Adult members are WELCOME IN THIS CLASS!

Previous sailing knowledge, including points of sail and rudimentary understanding of starting tactics and race courses are required for participation. Actual race experience in this particular class of boat used is not necessary.



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