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About Becoming a Member of the Chapoquoit Yacht Club

The Chapoquoit Yacht Club's Members include Associates (families who own property on Chapoquoit Island), seasonal and year-round residents of the West Falmouth area, even families who regularly rent in the area during the summer months. Members enjoy myriad on- and off-the-water activities, from sailing instruction to social events.

To join the Club, you must be proposed by an established member and supported by two additional established members. You may apply at any time; proposed members must be approved by the Chapoquoit Yacht Club Council, which reviews applications each Spring.

New members are charged an Initiation Fee, along with their first-year's Dues. In subsequent years, Dues are invoiced each Spring.

Categories of Membership are as follows:

Family Membership: Married couples or domestic partners, with or without children. Children may remain part of a Family Membership to the age of 22.

Junior Membership: Junior Membership is afforded to children of Family Members who have reached the age of 23, Junior Memberships are available to for these individuals to the age of 29, at which point they should gain either Individual or Family status of their own. Members may download a relevant application form by clicking here.

Senior Membership: Senior Membership is offered to Members (either individual or as a couple) 65 years of age and older.

Individual Membership: Individual Members are persons without a spouse or children.

If you're interested in Membership in the Chapoquoit Yacht Club, ask a member of the Council or contact us by clicking here.

If you're already a member and would like to obtain a membership application for a friend or family member not currently involved with the Club, you may access the appropriate application form by clicking here.