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Welcome to the Chapoquoit Yacht Club! For more than a century, CYC has served sailors and yachtspeople, with a special focus on sailing education for kids.

We're located on West Falmouth Harbor, on the east side of Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts. This gives us access to smooth waters in the harbor and the reliable breezes of the Bay. For sailors, it's quite a playground!

The club’s mission of safe recreational and competitive sailing for the members remains our driving goal.On this site you'll find information about our programs, events and membership. We hope that you will find it both fun and informative. Please note that certain sections of the site are available only to members.

We wish you smooth sailing!

The Chapoquoit Yacht Club Council

Wishing you the BEST for the holidays!
Last time we swung by (a few days back...) the only boats remaining the harbor belonged to shellfishermen and mooring tenders.

There's a raw beauty to the harbor in winter... it's stark, and cold, but it's beautiful - and it always holds the promise of summer breezes to come.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

Would you like to help us improve the CYC website?

We have a lot of archival and history information stashed in various places. We'd love some help scanning it so that it can be added to the website. It would be a great winter project for some folks - if you're interested, please click the CONTACT US link at left.

Got a used boat for sale? Looking to buy one? Click the "boats and gear for sale" link at left!

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West Falmouth, Massachusetts
West Falmouth, Massachusetts